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Lawn Care Programs

A perfect place to entertain family and friends or relax and enjoy your landscaping. SPL’s Certified Lawn Care professionals will work with you to develop the right formula to keep your lawn looking healthy all year round. With several levels of treatments to choose from, you are certain to find a program that meets your needs, exceeds your expectations, and is within your budget.

Fertilizing Programs

Our fertilization division is one of the keys of a pristine property. We understand the complexity of our soil and that allow us to create a custom blend that is unique for your property. We also add in a pesticide coating to the fertilizer blend twice a year for added protection against insects. We use mats to cover all drains while fertilizing to ensure that we protect the environment and stay as ecologically friendly as possible.

Aeration & Overseeding

Lawn aeration and overseeding brings many positive benefits to your lawn. Aeration is the process of removing small plugs of grass and dirt from the lawn, thus creating pockets in the soil that bring new and enriching air into the lawn. This allows better absorbtion of lawn growing nutrients into the root system. Aerating your lawn in the fall allows oxygen, fertilizers, and pesticides to penetrate into the root system, making it stronger and more resistant to the unpredictable weather here in New York. Lawn aeration also helps to decrease the build up of thatch (build up of dead roots, rhizomes, and lawn clippings)


Managing thatch is an important component of maintaining a healthy lawn. Thatch is a layer of living and dead grass roots that are not been broken down between the surface of the soil and the top layer of grass. If this build up of thatch becomes too thick, it prevents moisture from reaching the root system. The root system is not able to get the necessary nutrients it needs to withstand changes in temperature and long-term good health. In addition, excessive thatch provides a breeding ground for pests like insects and grubs, which will harm the lawn even further.

Weed Control & Lawn Bugs

Lawn and plant diseases are the result by viruses, bacteria, fungi or mold. When they attack grass plants, they make your lawn look unsightly and can eventually kill it. The first sign is circular, uneven colored grass patches that, if left untreated, will spread across your lawn. Our landscape maintenance teams will conduct monthly inspections of your grass, shrubs and trees to identify the causes of the problem. Then we will implement irrigation changes, fungicides and disease control treatment to fix your lawn and protect your trees.

Lawn bugs are a big in New York, and SPL can help protect your grass, shrubs and trees from invasive insects and pests. We can evaluate your landscape and customize a prevention and control program for you, from weed and feed programs to pesticides. We will help prevent future infestations, while ensuring that your lawn is not damaged by over fertilizing or the overuse of the wrong type of insecticide.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

We offer a full service of pruning techniques that includes ornamental shaping, large tree pruning, canopy raises, crown reduction, thinning and weight reduction, hazard mitigation, and reduction in over landscaped areas. We ensure that pruning is done at the right times of the year and when necessary to ensure the health and aesthetics of your plants and trees. Proper maintenance may be once a year or every few years depending on your landscaping, but you don’t have to worry about that because SPL can monitor it for you. More details are available for our full tree services division.

Services Include:

  • Natural, organic, and time-release fertilization programs for turf, trees, and shrubs
  • A variety of natural and chemical weed, insect, and disease control
  • Core aeration and power-seeding with select blends
  • Committed to the highest quality lawn care and customer satisfaction

Maintenance Services Include:

  • Mowing – every 7-10 days as needed to include trimming and blowing of all debris
  • Trim
  • Bed Weeding
  • Seasonal clean-ups
  • Landscape beds will receive pruning as required of all plant material
  • Reshaping and or elevating ornamental trees
  • Redefining all beds’ edges and weeding, including mulch
  • Fertilization services
  • Tree/Shrub pruning
  • Lawn thatching
  • Lawn aeration
  • Mulching – Spring/Summer/Fall
  • Edging
  • Shrub and flower planting – Late Spring/Early Summer and Fall/Winter